365 BB Bodywork Insight

10th October 2014

After the successful return of a 365 Boxer to a very happy customer last month here is an insight to some of the work carried out on it's body and paint transformation.

The first step to assist the customer in the decision with regards to paint colour required a section of a sample bumper being sprayed and detailed discussions held with the customer.

Following the strip down of the car, various trim panels were levelled and primed in preparation for being painted and then refitted to the vehicle.

The next stage of the project was to remove all existing paint from the vehicle shell. This was achieved by gently heating small areas of the paint at a time and using a hand scraper to remove the layers of paint. This process was carried out on the front and rear clams, roof, doors and lower sills.

With specialist aluminium work completed on the rear clam, work was started ensuring that all lines were clean with correct gapping. The vehicle body along with front and rear clams were extensively cleaned and panel wiped before applying necessary masking ready for primer and paint.

2 Pack etch primer was applied to the clams, doors and vehicle body followed by a 2 Pack high build primer. With the 1st coat of primer applied, panel gaps were once again checked before rubbing the primer down with a long board hand sander. To improve body lines and ensure correct gapping was achieved. A 2nd coat of primer was then applied with product given ample time to settle and harden before rubbing back ready for paint to be applied.

Final cleaning of bodywork was carried out before painting the main body, clams and doors of the car in 2k solvent of the customers choosing before applying a 2k clear coat lacquer.

Work was then started on flatting back and polishing the paintwork in preparation for applying black to lower panels and inside door shuts.

For more photos of this project please visit our projects page.