Barkaways engine rebuilds

Engine Rebuilds

All of our major unit rebuilds including engines, gearboxes, diffs and transaxles are carried out in house. As no two jobs are the same we can work with you and advise on the best way to achieve the right results for your cars needs.
We can offer a complete restoration for your classic engine, whether its a Columbo V12, Dino V6, Ferrari V8, or any other engine, we completely strip, analyse and provide all options for your rebuild.
The services we offer include:

- Machine work (carried out off site)
- Re-bore (cylinders)
- Valve guide replacement
- Valve set replacement
- Cylinder head and block skimming
- Crank machining
- Balancing of rotating assembly (pistons, con rods, crankshaft, flywheel, clutch, and damper).
- Upgraded valves - to work with modern and unleaded fuel without the need for lead replacement.
- Performance upgrades including high compression pistons, performance camshafts and rocker assemblies.
- Replacement of all gaskets, seals, shells and bearings.

We can cater the engine to your needs; from concours through to fast road and racing specification.